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Jim's Private Dance Lessons !

First, a little history...Way back in 1985 I started teaching Swing Dance lessons - one of the first people to do that in the Philadelphia Metro area! Interest in Swing Dancing grew so much that in 1987 I worked with a group of avid Swing Dancers in the area to help form the "Philadelphia Swing Dance Society". Now there are hundreds of dancers at PSDS' all volunteer-run, twice-a-month community swing dances to live music. And I have been fortunate to have met and taught about 7000 of you !

I am delighted to encourage you to learn more about the joys of Ballroom & Swing Dancing. I can say with confidence that if I could learn this and all of my students could, YOU PROBABLY CAN TOO !! Lessons and practice are the fastest ways to get good and have FUN quickly. If you want my undivided attention, I conduct private lessons at $60 an hour. Because there are so many regional dance styles which I love, I specialize in many styles of DANCE. For your private lessons, choose from Hustle, Jitterbug Swing, Lindy Hop, Merengue, Retro Swing, Salsa, Waltz, West Coast Swing, style & technique, leading & following, etc.

One hour is the minimum with half hour increments after that. This could include you, a partner, and maybe one other couple. We can also arrange special pricing for private Group Lessons or private Swing Dance Parties* for you and your friends at a location convenient to you ! (However, remember that if you are just starting out in Dancing, you'll get more "value for your money" if you take a couple of my Group Classes before you start taking Private Lessons.)

Please do not e-mail me regarding private lessons, private group lessons, or private swing dance parties. If you're serious about wanting this special attention, we'll have to talk on the phone about all your needs and a mutually convenient time for the event anyway. So, why not just call me at 1.860.716.5635 (9am - 9pm) to investigate it in the quickest possible way ?

*If you are doing publicity for your Swing Dance Party and need some information about me, please call or e-mail me for my Bio, Client List, and/or photos !!

Check out my listing of fun & social GROUP CLASSES near you, click here: for my Group Classes in CONNECTICUT or Group Classes in the Phila. PA metro area (NJ & PA) taught by others at Organizations I taught for. You'll have a blast and meet some nice people as well. SWING ON !!

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